Faculty of Science

Department of Pharmacy

Message from the Head of Department

January 2015

Welcome to our website; for those who have been here before, welcome back.
Happy New Year!
As we step into the year of 2015, let me first wish one and all a year of peace, success and happiness ahead. The year 2015 marks an important milestone for us as our University (NUS) and the (Pharmacy) Department celebrate 110th year anniversary. In 1905, we started as a Department of Pharmaceutics within King Edward VII College of Medicine. Today, we are one of the six departments that make up the Faculty of Science in NUS. We offer a professional Pharmacy undergraduate programme that leads to the degree of B.Sc.(Pharm) which is a pre-requisite for registration with the Singapore Pharmacy Council.
Till today, the Department remains as the only tertiary academic unit in Singapore that offers an education in Pharmacy, bearing the responsibility of training pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists for the nation and beyond. Our vision is to be a leader in shaping healthcare through innovative pharmaceutical education, research and practice. Even though the Department is geographically located in Asia, nevertheless it has the aspiration to be globally connected to all stakeholders in pharmaceutical education, industry, research and services. With the network of global alliance, NUS Pharmacy hopes to be instrumental in creating new grounds in education, research and practice.
The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are making rapid advances over the years; the Department will need to keep abreast with the environmental changes so as to be relevant as well as to lead in the advancement of the Pharmacy profession and the industry.
Riding on the 110th anniversary celebrations, we aim to review our strategic plans for the future with the following goals:
(1)        Education and Training
To provide a student-centric learning experience for both undergraduates and postgraduates that cultivate both knowledge and transferable skill set which are relevant to the workforce and various working environments; the experience is to be delivered by a new generation of world-class faculty members that adopts innovative teaching methodologies and educational technologies.
(2)         Research and Innovation
To identify key focus in research endeavours that addresses prevailing problems that will  make an impact on the health and pharmaceutical industries both locally and globally; thus building distinctive and internationally reputed capabilities that are competitive in securing fundings for the advancement of fundamental knowledge and applied sciences.
(3)         Outreach and Engagement
To establish mutually beneficial collaborations through active partnerships with all stakeholders of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in the country and the world so as to enhance our reputation as a centre of excellence in education, research and service; at the same time, active engagement of our students and alumni is essential to create an identity of pride for the Department and the Pharmacy profession.
(4)         Resources and Sustainability
To design and adopt feasible models for an affordable enterprise that is recognized for financial sustainability; and optimal management of human and physical resources; thus creating a Department that will attract potential financial donors, staff and students.
(5)         Operations and Safety
To enhance and modernise the operational models for more efficient delivery of services in an environment that is safe and conducive for creative scholastic innovation, work and study.

Do come back and visit us regularly as we have lined up several exciting events for the year. See you again soon.