Faculty of Science

Department of Pharmacy

Dr Giorgia Pastorin's Research Group

S15 Level 5, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore

Dr Giorgia Pastorin

As the leader of this group I welcome you all to our webpage and Laboratory at National University of Singapore. Our laboratory is involved in the research with medicinal chemistry of different molecules as adenosine receptor antagonists and biomedical applications of advanced nanomaterials. Both NUS and our lab provide great opportunity and environment for those who are willing to work and share their research experience. The same reason has induced me to look for people from different disciplines in order to find common interests and goals. In particular, I have always been fascinated by the research involving combination of engineering, medicine and science as demonstrated by our publications and collaboration with a number of people from different institutes having diverse research expertise. On the whole, I believe our research interests covering several interdisciplinary aspects, can be ameliorated and developed through further collaborations and excellent students. Therefore you are not only welcome to correspond with members of our group, but also to discuss your research interests with us. Together we can succeed in realizing our personal and professional goals.