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Department of Pharmacy

Associate Professor HO Han Kiat

BSc (Pharm) (Hons), National University of Singapore;
PhD (Med Chem), University of Washington

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information:
Department of Pharmacy
National University of Singapore
18 Science Drive 4
Singapore 117543
Office: S4-03-03
Tel: +65 6516 7963
Fax: +65 6779 1554
Email: phahohk@nus.edu.sg


My research plans in the broadest terms will be an amalgamation of toxicological sciences and cancer biology for applications to the study of liver diseases (including liver cancer, cirrhosis as well as drug-induced liver injuries). An understanding of the mechanistic basis of toxicological events uniquely complements the study of carcinogenesis and tumor growth by providing a holistic perspective on the wider spectrum of molecular pathways that regulates cell survival, i.e. toxicology- where cell death predominates, and cancer biology- where cell survival predominates. This combination of expertise provides the framework for exploring novel approaches in both areas through a cross pollination of ideas from the two disciplines. These ideas will be aligned by focusing the efforts on one targeted organ, the liver. Similar investigations into the peripheral organs of the gastrointestinal system (e.g. colon) are included. Specific areas currently explored within the group include:

  1. Exploring various tyrosine kinases as drug targets for liver cancer
  2. Exploring multi-targeting kinase inhibitors in hepatocellular and other malignancies
  3. Investigating the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cell conditioned medium in drug-induced liver diseases
  4. Structure toxicity relationship studies of specific hepatotoxicants
  5. Pharmacogenetics of hepatotoxicities and other adverse events



PR1111: Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
PR5221: Molecular Targets for Drug Discovery
LSM4211: Toxicology
GEK1065: Exploration in Musical Production


Research Group

Laboratory of Liver Cancer and Drug-induced Liver Diseases Research