Faculty of Science

Department of Pharmacy

Adjunct Professor Malini OLIVO

Contact Information:
Stokes Professor of Biophotonics (Science Foundation Ireland)
School Of Physics, National University of Ireland Galway, University Road, Galway, Ireland

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
121, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

Phone : 35-3-91-494070 (direct line)
E-mail : malini.olivo@nuigalway.ie
Fax : 35-3-91-494584 (Office Fax)

Prof Malini Olivo is currently the Stokes Professor of Biophotonics at the School of Physics, National University of Ireland Galway, and she holds an Adjunct appointment in the Department of Pharmacy at the National University of Singapore. She completed her Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Physics from the University College London and University of Malaya in 1990. Later, she went on to do her Post-Doctoral Research fellowship at the British National Medical Laser Centre, University College London, UK and also at McMaster University, Hamilton and Toronto University in Ontario, Canada. She embarked on her research career in the Department of Radiology, McMaster University, Hamilton, and Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada before coming to Singapore to work as Principal Investigator of the Photodynamic Treatment and Diagnosis and Biophotonics Laboratories in the Singapore National Cancer Centre and SingHealth Research Facilities in 1996.

Prof Malini Olivo has pioneered the area of clinical application of Photodynamic Diagnosis and Treatment in Cancer in Singapore. Her research interests include Nano-Photomedicine and also Nano-Biophotonics for diagnostic imaging and therapeutics.


Selected Publications 2009-2010

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  3. Maiti KK, Dinish US, Fu CY, Jae-Jun Lee, Soh Kiat Seng, Bhuvana Ramaswamy, Olivo M*, Chang YT*. “Development of Biocompatible SERS Nanotag with Increased Stability by Chemisorption of Reporter Molecule for in vivo Cancer Detection.”Biosensors and Bioelectronics  (in press 2010)
  4. Kho KW, Sheppard C, Soo KC, Olivo MC. Broadband High-resolution Imaging via a 2D Plasmonic Super-lens Constructed with an Embedded Oblate Nanocavity. Optics Express (in press 2010).
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