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Associate Professor YU Chun Kong, Victor

BSc (Pharm) (Hons), Uiniversity of Houston USA
PhD (Pharm Chem), University of California, San Francisco, USA

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Apoptosis is a process by which cells actively commit suicide to get rid of damaged or infected cells. Activation of the cell suicide program is highly regulated and it is under the tight control of a network of interrelated signals to ensure the proper functioning of this important physiological process. Recent evidence suggests that malfunctioning of the cell suicide program is a causative factor in a wide variety of major human diseases including cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

Accumulative evidence over the last decade has strongly implicated mitochondria are the major organelles involved in the signal transduction and biochemical execution of apoptosis. A/P Yu’s research program has been focusing on dissecting the molecular circuits in mitochondria responsible for regulating the final steps of the apoptosis signaling process. The long term goal of my work, in short, is to identify ways and means to regulate the core apoptotic mechanism in mitochondria to support the drug development effort. We envision that through this work, suitable cellular targets and compounds that are useful for supporting drug development effort in combating human cancers and possibly many other diseases stem from defective functioning of the cell suicide program will be identified. The laboratory adopts a combined cell, molecular, chemical and genetic approaches in its investigative effort. Currently, the following projects are actively being pursued in the laboratory:


  1. Molecular Function of MOAP-1 in Mitochondria

  2. Molecular Function of Bax-beta in Mitochondria

  3. Identification and Characterization of the E3 Ligase System Responsible for Regulating MOAP-1 and Bax-beta

  4. Molecular Function and Regulation of the Soluble Bacterial FimA protein

  5. Dynamics of Interaction of FimA with the VDAC-Hexokinase protein Complex


PR 2104       Pharmaceutical Analysis I

PR 3104       Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

PR 4103       Research Methodology

PR 5122       Molecular Targets in Drug Discovery


Research Group

Apoptosis Signaling Mechanism in Mitochondria